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Ever been curious about discovering your Enneagram number and type? This quick and easy online test will give you plenty to meditate on. Remember, when you fill in your answers, to go with the answer that feels right -- from your gut. Don't overthink or over-analyze the correlations from one question to the next. Just take a good long breath, feel your way into the correct space, and choose an answer that works in the moment. Over time, your Enneagram numbers and wings may evolve. Click here to try it now. 

Make the 4 Questions part of your everyday life.

If you haven't discovered Byron Katie's content, you'll find it both engaging and enlightening. You can explore the worksheets here or visit her website for more information. I also HIGHLY recommend picking up her foundational book "Loving What Is" to help you on your own healing and self-mastery journey. 

A wealth of information for you to work on brain and emotional health.

As I've studied the Brain Health Coaching Certification at Amen Clinics, I've become a true believer that every person should become an amateur neuro-scientist. If you or someone you love suffers from head trauma, ADD/ADHD, addiction, PTSD, anxiety or depression, or are simply wondering how to help that ole brain function more effectively and efficiently, do yourself a favor and pop over to the Amen University website to explore some of their great courses and content. 

Print and fill out this questionnaire for yourself or for us to use as a tool for self-reflection and discovery in one of our sessions. Click Here to download.

A Helpful Tool for Introspection & Sharing